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Smurf Collectors Club Letters 21-40
The letters are in pdf format and some are quite long, so please allow a few minutes for downloading them,
depending on the speed of your computer.
Each letter includes the following sections:
Dear Smurf Collector
Collector's Comments
Variations Update
Auction Block

Other sections and information vary and are stated under the applicable letter
Issue 22 - Fall 1991
Grand Bazaar smurf
Smurfen Festival
Christmas Collectibles
Issue 23 - Winter 1991
Passport to Metz, France,
Walibi Schtroumpf
National Petrol Campaign 1978
Issue 21 - Summer 1991
Promotional smurfs
Smurf items from Greece
Issue 26 - Fall 1992
Smurfy Candidates
New Generations Variations
Figurines from Brazil,
Figurines from Argentinia
Schleich Promo Keychains
Issue 25 - Summer 1992
Canadian Ferrero Smurfs
National Garage Promotions
Smurf Stickers
Issue 24 - Spring 1992
SCCI Papa Smurf
Smurfs from Puppy
Historical Smurfs Postcard
New Figurines 1992
Issue 31 - Winter 1993
Christmas Catalog 83 and smurfs
Lead Stained Glass collectibles
Mold Variation: 20029 Money
Schuhhof Promotional Smurf and Silans
Issue 37 - Summer 1995
New Smurfs 1995
New smurf items in Europe
Issue 34 - Fall 1994
World cup soccer smurfs
Swedish collectibes
Smurf theatre display
Christmas disply
Mold Variation: 20077 Naughty
Issue 35 - Winter 1994
Kinder Egg Ferrero smurfs
Once in a blue moon poster
OMO promotion
Wallace Berrie display items
Mold Variation: 20143 CB operator
Issue 36 - Spring 1995
SCCI anniversary super smurf
Smurfs from Israel
Bully smurf board game
Pop Rocky smurf
smurf character mugs
BP smurfs on base
"this smurf is wurf a grand"
Issue 33 - Summer 1994
New 1994 Smurfs
The "smurf the world" logo
Baby Smurf collectibles
US Smurf collectibes and shop displays
Limited collector series 1985
how the club started
Issue 32 - Spring 1994
New SCCI smurf: a tribute to peace
Smurfette Birthday Ceramics
Sparkasse Promotional Smurf
Smurf Automobile Air Deodorizer
Issue 29 - Summer 1993
New Generations figures 1993
New markings
Mold variation : 20128 Armour
Mold Variation: 20160 Apple

Supplement II - A tribute to Peyo 1928-1992
Issue 28 - Spring 1993
Peyo is dead
New SCCI smurf " Lucky Lady"
Union Jack Smurf
Volks-und Raiffeisen Promo smurf
National Benzole items

Supplement I - A tribute to Peyo 1928-1992
Issue 30 - Fall 1993
McDonalds Promotions
Bullyland displays
Major discovery: Spool for the firehose
Mold Variation: 20023 Rock'n'roll
Italian Coasters
Belgium Puzzles
Issue 27 - Winter 1992
Smurf collectibles Past
Childrens Wearing Apparel
Bully Smurfs from the catalog 1972
Issue 40 - Spring 1996
New Smurf 1996
Irwin toys
Smurf annual 1980
Candleholders, Cake pans
Mold Variation: 20101 Angler
Issue 39 - Winter 1995
BP Promo Smurf
Smurf Kinder Houses
Wallace Berrie Store Displays
Smurf stickers
Scholler Promo smurf
Bunte Interview with peyo
Issue 38 - Fall 1995
Father Abraham vs Irene Moors
New Items from Puppy
Unicef Smurf Bank
Smurf travel America mugs
Mold Variation: 20067 Congratulations
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