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Dr. Dinch & Hexalotte
New Markings on PVC smurfs from Schleich
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Collector's List
Here is a list for collectors who want to keep track of their
collection. The list is intended for collectors starting out or
getting started with markings variations. It does not include
color variations, nor does it include every variation, but only
the most common ones.
Smurf List Markings
For those that prefer it in spreadsheet format, click here to
download a copy of the spreadsheet which you can edit as  
you like. It opens up in OpenOffice which is a free download
Smurf List Markings Spreadsheet
Schleich Smurfs in 2016
Pictures of the 2016 smurfs have been released. This year,
the theme is Jungle
20776 Dschungel Schlumpfine
20777 Dschungel Papa Schlumpf
20778 Dschungel Schlaubi
20779 Dschungel Schlumpf, erschöpft
20780 Entdecker Schlumpf
20781 Naturbeobachter Schlumpf
20782 Abenteurer Schlumpf
20783 Indianer Schlumpf
Retired Smurfs 2016
20205 Baby mit Teddy
20192 Schlumpfine mit Baby
20421 Schlumpfine mit Blume
20449 Gitarrist
20466 Taucher
20469 Schlumpf mit Strauß
20533 Papa Schlumpf
20534 Schlumpfine
20536 Schlaubi
20708 Flaschenschlumpf
20729 Papa Schlumpf mit Tasche
20730 Tollpatsch
20731 Schlumpfine, verträumt
20732 Mc Tapfer
20733 Miesepeter
20734 Schlaubi mit Buch
20754 Papa Schlumpf
20755 Schlumpfine
20756 Beauty Schlumpf
20757 Zicki
20758 Hackus
20759 Gargamel und Azrael
40226 Schlumpf in Hängematte
40240 Schlumpf im Bett
40252 BMX Fahrer
40263 Schlumpf mit Laptop
40264 Schlumpf im Auto
40265 Schlumpfine im Auto
Wallace Berrie & Co Licensing
In 2016, I was offered a fantastic smurf collection from the
former head over licensing of the smurfs at WB in the 80s.
Click on the links to see the following documents:
Wallace Berrie Licensing Catalogs
T-shirt Proofs
Wallace Berrie Licensing Ads
Lifetime Learning
MIsc Smurfy Licensing Misc Material