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Smurf Collectors Club Letters 1-20
The letters are in pdf format and some are quite long, so please allow a few minutes for downloading them,
depending on the speed of your computer.
Each letter includes the following sections:
Dear Smurf Collector
Collector's Comments
Variations Update
Auction Block

Other sections and information vary and are stated under the applicable letter
Issue 1 - Summer 1986
New smurf releases for 1986
Jubilee smurfs
Issue 3 - Winter 1986
Bundesliga smurfs Colorful Minismurfs
(probably game pieces)
Issue 4 -  Spring 1987
Promotional Smurfs
A Club member's smurfing Saga
Issue 5 - Summer 1987
How a smurf is being made
Issue 6 - Fall 1987
The New 1987 Smurfs
Promotional Smurfs
Ron's Home made smurfs
Issue 7 - Winter 1987
Imperfect new smurfs
Member's travels (London, Kings Island)
A visit to the US smurfs headquarters
Issue 8 - Spring 1988
Good luck smurf (1st SCCI smurf)
Promotional smurf(bodybuilder)
Issue 9 - Summer 1988
Drummer smurf variations with pictures
Ferrero Smurfs
Ice Capades
Smurf Telephone
Land of the Smurfs (a French Experiment)
Issue 10 - Fall 1988
Smurf collector's club International
Schleich 1935-1987
Gargamel, Bully variations
Promotional smurfs (Schlumpfhausen)
Hanna Barber's 20th Anniversary
Issue 11 - Winter 1988
The new 1989 smurfs
Cartoon News
The Olympic smurf (Torchbearer)
Issue 12 - Spring 1989
SCCI unpainted smurfs
Bendable figurines (Johan)
Alderbrook smurfs
Issue 13 - Summer 1989
The Hula smurfette mystery
Injection colors of the smurfs
Australian smurf memorabilia
Paracodin Promo smurf
Texaco promotional items
Peyo approved a new blue for smurfs
Issue 14 - Fall 1989
Counterfeit (fake) smurfs
Raw smurfs (Waldbaur) Smurf hunting in
Munich and Salzburg
My trip to Canada's wonderland
Issue 15 - Winter 1989
National Gas Super Smurf
Archer smurf variations
Review of the smurf cartoon
Issue 17 - Summer 1990
The New smurfs
Guay smurfs
Ferrero smurfs 1990
Lucille Bliss (voice of Smurfette)
The smurfs - a historical perspective
Big Bang Schtroumpf
Voices behind the Cartoons
Issue 19 - Winter 1990
Applause Smurfs
ASB smurf
Bellringer Smurf
Australian promotional magnets
Issue 16 - Spring 1990
Celebraton Smurf (SCCI smurf)
Ice Hockey Smurf
Promotional Smurfs
Bully Variations
Issue 20 - Spring 1991
Muster smurfs (SCCI smurfs)
New markings
Argentinia Minimodels
Pencil hugger smurflings
Promotional smurfs
Smurf Keyrings
Issue 18 - Fall 1990
Hardees Smurfs
Technical observations of smurfs Update
on CE marking
Tennis Smurf and Baker Smurf Invasion of
the smurfs
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