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Smurf Collectors Club Letters 41 - 60
The letters are in pdf format and some are quite long, so please allow a few minutes for downloading them,
depending on the speed of your computer.
Each letter includes the following sections:
Dear Smurf Collector
Collector's Comments
Variations Update
Auction Block

Other sections and information vary and are stated under the applicable letter
Issue 41 - Summer 1996
New York Fair
Wallace Berrie licensing 1979 - 1990
Irwin toys
New Easter Smurfs
Quick Promo Smurfs
Issue 42 - Fall 1996
Ferrero Maxi Kinder eggs Special
European Promotions
Smurf revival around the World
Promo Smurfs
Issue 43 - Winter 1996
McDonald 25th Anniversary Smurfs
Traffic Sign safety series
Signbearer promos from Spain
Kinder eggs 1996/97
Endress Hauser Promo
Smurf Ministecks
Issue 44 - Fall 1997
The Swearing baby
Smurfs global market
More promos
Issue 45 - Summer 1997
New Smurfs 1997
Spanish pirated smurfs
3-D Magnets
news from Australia
Issue 46 - Fall 1997
Empire gnomes
Nestle in America
30th Anniversary Smurf
Ceramic smurfs
Issue 48 - Spring 1998
40th Anniversary Play Set
Redesigned playsets
Smurf T-shirts
Veronique Culliford
Licensed Food Products
Issue 49 - Summer 1998
New Smurfs 1998
Smurf Feves
British McDonald Promos
Desk Calendar
Waldbaur Smurfs
Production history 20001-20005
Issue 47 - Winter 1997
Candy Toppers
Resitec Smurfs
Smurf Jewelery
Issue 50 - Fall 1998
Millenium smurf
Letter from Lucille Bliss
German McDonald Promotion
Marburger Smurf stamps
40th Anniversary stickers
Production history 20006-20010
Issue 51 - Winter 1998
Smurf Pez
Bully Issues by year
Production history 20011-20015
Issue 52 - Spring 1999
New Smurfs 1999
New Comics
New records
Production history 20016-20024
Issue 54 - Fall 1999
Smurf Game boy
Canadian Ice hockey smurfs
Dutch Candy Toppers
Schonwald sockels promo smurfs
Production history 20033-20042
Issue 53 - Summer 1999
New Generation smurfs 1999
New Super smurfs 1999
Family & Co smurf
Smurfs used for fire safety promotion
Production history 20025-20032
Issue 55 - Winter 1999
2000 Millenium smurf
Grotesque Fake Smurfs
Roman Gnomes
Swiss JouJoux Smurfs
Food promotion items
Production history 20043-20052
Issue 56 - Spring 2000
New Smurfs 2000
New super smurfs
New playsets
Mcdonald smurf hanger
Santa Schonwald smurf
Fake Toreador smurfs from Spain
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Issue 60 - Spring 2001
The last letter announcing the end of the

Suzanne saying Good-bye

New smurfs 2001
New supersmurfs 2001
American Greeting Cards from 1985 & 1986
Issue 59 - Winter 2000
Promotional smurfs (sockels)
Kirchen Zeitung
Hemma publishing
Rare finds from Israel
Issue 57 - Summer 2000
New Smurfs 2000
New super smurfs
New playsets
romotional sockels for the USA
Soccer smurf produced for Euro 2000
Issue 58 - Fall 2000
New York Licensing Show
Wacky Wobblers
New Candy toppers