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Smurfs in School
The Smurfs are putting on a show
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Part of the charm of Smurfs is that you can create lovely displays with them. They are primarily toys after all. The
child in me can't resist to play with them once in a while and here are some of the results
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My Mushroom playset
Pixis in The Woods
A smurfy rescue mission
Gargamel put the caught smurf in the
cage on top of the roof of his castle... It
is quite urgent that the Smurfs will
rescue their fellow friend, because
Azrael is on its way to the cage.......
I doubt though that the Chimney sweep
will be off any help, he looks like he is
having too much fun on top of the
Well, the roman guard is walking up the
ladder, on which top an excited
Gargamel is mixing the potion
already...... The other Smurfs are
following The fierce looking guard
smurf.....and Johann is helping, too....
The firefighter is overlooking The
rescue mission from under The ladder,
while another Gargamel looks at The
recipe for gold
More Smurfs are on their way, led by The
hiker with The compass (I guess he
needs The compass to find The castle in
front of him  ), followed by an out of
breath hiker (The backpack is too heavy  
) and another smurf who is in grave
danger of being caught by Gargamel  
On The other side of The castle, Scruple
is enjoying an unusual picture. Jokey
smurf has put The Gargamel mask on
and is scaring Azrael to death   or is it
Pewitt singing that scares Azrael