These come with two different markings:
1980 Schleich, GM 8010858, W. Germany
Figurengrüsse von Schleich, W. Germany
20009 Drummer
Let´s have a real party
Happy Birthday
20018 Crying
Everything is gloomy without you
20023 Guitarist
We finally had to say it
20024 Lantern
I have been searching for the right words
Take Care
20029 Coin
May he bring you good luck in the new
20031 Postman
I bring you many greetings...
20033 Clown
Thank you
20036 Hang Glider
I wish I could fly to you
20037 Doktor
The Doctor will take care of you
Get well soon
20040 Gift
Happy Birthday
20043 Digger
Today you can take it easy
Have a great day
20041 Hiker
Hope you feel better soon
Get well
20042 Chef
This tasted top notch
Thank you very much
20051 Bowler
365 days
Good Luck
20056 Cardplayer
May you be successful in the coming year
and always hold an ace in your hands
20058 Champion
Great Job!
20060 Candle
I wanted to be the first to congratulate you
20061 Band Leader
A song for the birthdaychild
20062 Telephone
Hello, what's up?
20067 Congratulation
Let´s be brief
All the best for your new year
20068 Football
Let´s stay on top
20078 Beer
For he is a jolly good fellow
20086 Present
I bring best wishes for the celebrations
20090 Jester
Thank you
20097 Injured
Break a leg in the New Year
20100 Cake
Hope you have a sweet Day
20111 Armor
Cupid  hit the Bull´s Eye
Best Wishes for the wedding
20114 Magician
Magic? You are getting younger with each
20117 Cornucopia
Best wishes for the Holidays
20119 Smurferman
Top Notch
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20038 Singer
20214 Baby Smurf with blocks
Congratulations to the Birth of your Baby
20044 Lover
I like you
20022 Poet Smurf
Just a small sign
20046 Emperor
Today, you're the King
Happy Birthday
20046 Emperor
Today, you're the King
Happy Birthday
20067 Congratulation
Happy Birthday and
good luck for your new year
20116 Alchemist
A good mixture
Congratulations to your engagement
20118 Smurf w/ Umbrella
Well covered in the new year
Happy Birthday