Smurfs on Pedestals
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These come with cards that are put on the back of the pedestal.
The card is very easily removed and lost and often you will find the
pedestals without the cards
The Markings of these Pedestals are
Schleich, Made in Germany
20001 Papa
Wir werden alle nicht
None of us are getting any
20027 Thinking
Was wäre ich ohne Dich?
What would I be without you?
20031 Postman
Herzlichen Glückwunsch
20037 Doctor
Der Doktor wird's schon
The doctor will take care of it
20038 Singer
Happy Birthday to you!
20040 Gift
Have a nice day!
20061 Band Leader
Großer Meister !
Grand  Master
20064 Toothbrush
Bleib sauber!
Stay clean
20069 Jungle
Du kleiner Wilder!
You little wild man
20086 Gift
Glück, Erfolg und
Luck, Success, and good health
20088 Traveller
Glück auf allen Wegen!
Good Luck where ever you go
20098 Ballerina
Du bist reizend und
You are delightful and charming
20111 Cupid
Glückwunsch zur
Congratulation for your wedding
20122 Cowboy
Häppi börsdäi tu ju!
Happy Birthday to you!
20143 CB. Radio
Bitte Kontakt halten!
Let´s stay in contact!
20157 Grouchy
I miss you!
20157 Grouchy
Nicht ärgern, nur
Don´t get angry, just wonder!
20160 Apple
Bleib so frisch und gesund!
Just stay so fresh and healthy!
20213 Devil