How to make Porcelain-Clay smurfs
These pictures were taken by Staci who gave me permission to use them on this site.
The instructions were given by her also. She has five different plaster molds. They are:
Papa Smurf, Sign bearer Smurf, Angler Smurf, Sunbather Smurf, and Gardener Smurf..
Staci used porcelain clay for her smurfs but it is my understanding that you can use any
kind of potter clay for these smurf molds
1. Clean the molds. If they are dusty use a soft paintbrush, if they have left over
hardened clay in them, scrap the clay off before dusting them
2. Create Slip - Porcelain Clay is mixed in a blender with water. The consistency should
be that of a thin milk shake . The clay can be colored in different shades. Staci used
blue clay for one set and whilte clay for another set
3 Pour slip into molds. Tap the air out of the molds. As the slip settles, pour more in
until the mold is full. Make sure there are no air bubbles. You may have to fill them up
several times. As the mold hardens, the clay shrinks together. Be sure to keep
checking them and to fill them up until the clay starts to dry.
4. Let mold harden around 6 - 10 hours. If you  need to leave the mold longer than 10
hours, you can put them in a sealed plastic bag to slow down the drying process.
Check the clay on one smurf first. Be very careful when you open the mold as the
smurfs are very breakable in the soft stage. If something breaks it is easy to fix it at
that this stage by using slip to stick it back together
5. Once hardened, unmold the smurf. Carefully drim  the seams off all edges
6. Leave smurfs to airdry overnight. The color will change and become lighter
7. Sand all seams on the smurfs until they are smooth...handle them with care
8. Fire in Kiln for 8 - 10 hours.  A Kiln is an oven used to harden and dry clay at very
high temperatures
9. Fire them a second time in the Kiln for about 6 hours
The smurfs are now hard and easier to handle as they no longer break so easily
10. Use acrylic paints, to paint your smurf any way you like
12. Once the paint is dry, apply gaze to lock in the paint
Here is an example to compare
Thank you Staci, for the use of
your pictures and for sharing this
information for me and letting me
use it on this site
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