McDonalds PVC Smurfs 1996
2.0113 Baker
Backside, the McDonald M
marks all McDonald smurfs
2.0136 BigMac (Pumpkin)
2.0162 Waiter smurf
2.0188 Majorette
2.0023 Guitarist
2.0086 Gift
2.0090 Jester
2.0100 Cake
2.0149 Cheerleader
McDonalds smurfs are made out of harder PVC than the official Schleich smurfs. They are easy recognizable
because their colors are slighty different and they have the McDonald's M on the back of their hats
This Page shows smurfs that were released in 1996 on the European mainland. They are based the Schleich
In 1998, the same figures were released in Great Britain in McDonalds to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of
the smurfs.
The Markings are 1996, Peyo
25th Anniversar smurf
1996, Peyo
released on the European
mainland in 1996 for the
25th anniversary of
Smurf with Happy Meal
1997, Peyo
This smurf was only
released in Great Britain
when this set of smurfs
was at the British
McDonalds in 1998
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