Hardee's Glasses
Hardee's glasses 1982 series markings: Peyo 1982, Licensed
Hefty smurf
Jokey Smurf
Papa Smurf
Lazy smurf
Hardee's glasses 1983 series
markings: Peyo 1983, Licensed by Wallace Berrie & Co , Van Nuys,
Ca S.E.P.P., D.M. Intl
Handy smurf
Baker smurf
Harmony smurf
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Papa Smurf
other Glasses
no markings
probably from Canada
Benedictin Glasses
Peyo, 1994, I.M.P.S. (Brussels)
Peyo, 1996 Licensed through
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Benedictin Glasses
Peyo, 1994, I.M.P.S.
German Smurf Mustard Glasses
Develey Senf & Feinkost
Limitierte Auflage
Smurf Glasses