Halloween and Indians
made in HongKong
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Over the last few months Halloween and Indians sets are being sold from Hongkong for very low prices.
Lately they are being sold also from other countries and because of their nice artwork they are hard to
Many believe them to be fakes and one should be careful before buying them unless you are
interested in fakes.
Before buying Indian and Halloween smurfs one should always ask the seller for the markings if he
hasn't listed them in the auction.
The HongKong smurfs have the following markings:

Halloween smurfs
Schleich, Germany, Made in Chian,
2005 CE, Peyo

Indian Smurfs
06 Peyo, Schleich, Germany, Made in china

All of the new genuine smurfs have the same markings except for one big difference..instead of "Made
in China/Chian" they are "
Made in Germany"

Here are comparison pictures of the genuine smurfs, made in Germany, and the what are believed to
be fake smurfs on the right, with their tags still attached.
At first glance there aren't any differences, but when you put them next to the "genuine"
smurfs, you notice the Chian smurfs are smaller. Also, holding them in your hands, you notice
they are made of very hard PVC, actually it is so hard, that it feels like a rock. They also have
a smell of strong paint.
The markings are very lightThey come with the Schleich tag, which looks genuine, however
is the case on the tags from Schleich
The paint job is not as detailed and nice as on the Germany smurfs, and when you look at the
eyes, the Chian smurfs have an "eery" look to it
The colors, such as the ball of the Ghost smurf, the pumpkin head and the inside of the cape
of the Grim Reaper are much shinier on the Chian smurfs than that of the Germany Smurfs,
The markings of the Chian smurfs are faint, which is a common trend on all of the fake smurfs
All of the above applies also to the Indian smurfs, with one notable difference...China is
spelled correctly.
As the pictures show though, there are some distinct differences in the colors (darker smurf
blue, shinier colors, and certain things are unpainted, as the button of the headgear of the
medicine man). Some of them are very hard to stand up, for example, the archer will not stand
up unless he is leaning against something, see picture
As you can see, the smurfette is the easiest to recognize as she is not only leaning heavily
forward but also her head is much smaller. There are also unpainted parts in the belt of the
spear smurf.
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