It's a Doggy Cat World
Welomce to my Doggy Cat World, a world in which dogs and cats rule...or at least so they think.
Since moving here more than 10 years ago, I 've had 4 dogs, 2 cats, a few mice, multiple spiders, bugs,
critters, flies, none of which ever had a name, except for six of will find out which of them had
a name.

I grew up in a city in Germany and as much as I always wanted a dog, it always was out of the question,
so my mother gave me birds and mice instead, none of which lived for long. As soon as we moved to
Tennessee, we knew we had to have a dog..not just for company but also for protection (it's Tennessee
after all).
Tennesse, except if you had family living here,
which also was our excuse. One of our cousin's son
in law's dogs (not at all complicated or hard to
understand for us) had puppies, so our cousin, who
didn't understand  how anybody could survive
without a canine, arranged for us to pick out
puppies..and the rest is history. We knew they Back
then (a long 10 years ago), nobody moved to would
be outside dogs (again, we are in Tennessee),
however, we did put our foot down and kept them
in a huge kennel unless one of us was outside with
them. This caused quite a stirr over here, nobody
has heard of keeping dogs in a kennel, but one of
these puppies has survived quite well and is
probably the oldest dog on this mountain today.
Dogs usually do not die of old age up here, but die
after a confrontation with a drivng vehicle,
something which I was determined would not
happen to any of my dogs (in the end it did happen
to one of them).
These are my first puppies when they first came to me
My dogs names are Petee, Shyone, Peppy and Foxi. You
will find more information about them by clicking on their
names in the navigation bar.
They are quite happily living in a large kennel which has
four dog houses, but enjoy it even more when I let them
roam the woods and are in heaven when I roam the woods
with them. All of them are of a special Dunlap breed called
the Dunlap mixture, but please don't ask me to breed
them....I can't...all of them have been spayed and neutered
This is what the cute puppies
turned into
I can't forget my cat, first Paulchen and now Mogli. Both came to live with me on their own and became purely
inside cats. Both of them are Tuxedo Cats and even though I never was a cat person, I could not imagine life without

I hope you enjoy your visit to my little Doggy Cat World :)
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In August 2010, my mother found two little
puppies during her daily walks in the local ball
park. Somebody had set them outside and since
they needed a home, she brought them up here
to my house.
Look at them, how could I not have fallen in love?