There are several types of Spanish Fakes on the market. The name Comic No Toxico comes from the
sticker that the more expensive Spanish Fakes have to assure parents the smurfs are not poisenous.
They are not to be confused with the fake smurfs commonly knows as Spanish Fakes  which are cheaper
in the making and also have a worse paint job.
Comic No Toxicos  are commonly known as CNTs and I will use this abbreviation from here on

CNTs are usually easily recognizable once you know what to look for.
They are very well made and have a great paint job. There are some very rare and sought after variations
among them.

They are based on the official Schleich smurfs,
but quite a few have their own color variation.
One example is the cook. The Schleich smurf has the yellow
coloring, whereas the CNT smurf has the more orange coloring


This example shows that the CNT is usually a bit                                                                                                       
smaller than the original or even the cheaper fakes.                                                                                                

The biggest confusion about CNT is regarding their markings
or lack thereof..I do not have many CNTs and all of mine do not
have any markings...I have seen examples of the Peyo marking on
CNTs and even heard of some having the marking Comic No Toxico

To make absolutly sure you are looking at a CNT
check for the golden sticker on the bottom of the
feet. However, this sticker is easy to remove and
often no longer with the smurf.       

Here is a picture of a cheap, grotesque fake,
a CNT mechanic with the orange overall, and
the original Schleich CNT. As you can see, not
only is the CNT smaller than the other two, but
also of much higher quality than the grotesque

It is believed that the production of CNTs was stopped in the early 80s, as it seems that the models were
based on smurfs from the years between 1966 to the early 80s.

Since the CNTs are so sought after, there are also fakes of them out there, so please be careful when you
buy them online.

There are also many variations out the CNTs out there making collecting them so much more fun... A good
website for seeing a lot of CNTs and variations is SGT. Papas.

I would like to point out that I am no expert on Comic Non Toxico Smurfs but since buying and also getting
some earlier this year, they have fascinated me to no end and I have researched these fakes quite
I thought I put all the gathered information on one page. If I have missed anything or have something
wrong, please
contact me.
CNT Information
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