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Bully/Schleich Variations
W. Germany
Peyo © Schleich 1982
These are the Variations and smurfs I own of this particular mold. By no means, is this a complete list and it will hopefully be updated quite frequently. For
a complete list of marking variations of this mold as well as it's history, please refer to this very helpful website  
The Cursed Country
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2.0219 Smurf w/ green-yellow
Surprise cone
Schleich Number: 2.0219 - release dates: between 1986-90
W. Germany
Peyo © Schleich 1982
leaning strongly to the left
In Germany, when children start school, they receive a huge surprise
cone on their first day from Germany. The cone is filled with candy
and other little surprises, and they are about as tall as the child itself.

Schleich released three different smurfs with a surprise cone in three
different colors. At first, you will find the smurf with the pink cone in
most catalogs, however Schleich has also shown the other two under
different numbers. There is some debate which color cone belongs to
which Schleich number, and different collectors have received
different information from Schleich themselves. The numbering on
this site is the most commonly accepting one among most collectors.
These smurfs are among the rarest Schleich smurfs because they
were only released for a very limited number of years. Schleich pulled
them off their production line because of the hazardous nature of the
small cones and it's choking danger for children